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Designed by MSP Professionals for MSP Professionals 

Academy isn’t anything like the other so-called training events for MSPs. You walk through our doors and you become part of CharTec Nation. Join our vast array of Managed Service Providers, big & small, new & seasoned, some growing too fast & some struggling to get going, but all equals. Everyone at Academy, from the staff to the attendees to the vendors and, especially, to YOU, all have the same goal:


We’re family, and you never turn your back on family. 

This could be you:

  • Staying on top of important trends and knowing how to successfully implement the latest techniques and utilize the latest tools. 

  • 10X, even 20X your ROI with every campaign launch. 

  • Never walking into the unknown again, because you have an army of professionals to guide you through every situation. 

  • Having real, lasting relationships with like-minded people that understand literally EVERYTHING you’re going through. 

  • Welcoming objections during your Sales Presentation, because they actually open the door for you to close the deal. 

  • Being able to always provide for those you care about and serve your community with your successful MSP.


This is why we exist: for you to sell more, grow more, serve more, for you to become more. 






Here are the top 5 reasons you need to send your staff to the next Academy: 

MSP Specific Training

MSP-Specific Training


ROI > Cost

MSP Peer Connection

Peer Connections

Let’s face it. Training options are a dime a dozen, but how often can you walk into a company that would be your competitor (if they were in your geographic market) and ask them any question that you have? We don’t sling generic sales, marketing, and operations content. We have all worked in an MSP and can connect with every specific job role. You won’t have to wonder whether your team member is going to get anything relevant out of the training. Everything we teach is 100% relevant to your MSP business.

Sure. It’s a little bit of a hike (and expense) to get to Bakersfield, CA. You may even have to send your employee on a plane with a few chickens, but if they can close one deal, get one whale to answer your marketing message, or improve the profitability of one client – we guarantee that will pay for your trip to Academy. Wash-rinse-repeat and you’ll make more money than you ever thought possible.

At CharTec Academy, we don’t just plop attendees in a room all day and drill information into their heads. One of the most valuable aspects of Academy is connecting with peers that are facing the same challenges. Your staff can sit knee to knee with other dispatchers, service managers, marketers, and salespeople. They’ll brainstorm together, solve problems together, and all be a little bit better at their jobs because of it.

MSP Friends and Mentors
Managed Service Provider Memberships

Gain mentors and friends

Just like any CharTec Member, your staff can contact us at any time to help you with anything that you need. We will gladly respond. We have to tell you, though, there’s just something special about those people that have made the trip to Academy. Building that relationship puts a soft spot in our hearts, not to mention gives more people at your company a direct, personal connection with the experts. There’s something to be said about sharing a meal that brings you closer.

Academy is Included in Your Membership

If you’re not taking advantage of sending someone to every Academy, you’re really missing the boat. Unlimited tickets to Academy are included in the Membership price. All you have to do is buy a ticket on the plane, train, or automobile that can get you through our doors. If travel costs are an issue, we suggest flying into LAX or Burbank airports, and hitching a ride with another CharTec Member headed our direction (just post in our Facebook Group that you need a lift – preferably long before you actually get on the plane). Once you get someone to Bakersfield, we have relationships with several local hotels that will keep your costs down!


Featured Speakers

Vice President, CharTec and ARRC Technology

Supercharge Your MSP 
With The Power of CharTec Academy 

We have been the top innovators in training Managed Service Providers, Since 2009!

Academy provides the best MSP practices, taught by the industry’s top experts. 

Our content-filled, three-day event will Supercharge Your Business by equipping you with cutting-edge strategies and innovative ideas that will make your MSP stronger & push your business further.  

June 13th-15th

CharTec Academy Logo

Bakersfield, CA. 

3 Days of Sells, Marketing, Operations, and Finance Training for your MSP. The Pioneers of the MSP Channel


Alex Rogers CEO of CharTec and ARRC Technology

Training for Managed Service Providers that has Defined the Industry!

Building a Successful MSP is a long, hard road... 

...but where we’re going, we don’t need roads! 

CharTec Academy will provide you with the tools & knowledge that will allow you to put the pedal to the metal with your business. 

  • Struggling to turn Prospects into Profits? 

  • Fighting to land that first appointment? 

  • Can’t generate leads, because you don’t know even where to begin with B2B Marketing? 

  • Sick and tired of hiring the wrong people and struggling to keep the right people? 

  • Need to relieve your business’s growing pains? 

They say experience is the best teacher, but we say OTHER people’s experience is the best teacher. 

Learn from experts who’ve been where you are and are now where you want to go. Become part of a community that supports you every step of the way on your path to success, with guidance & advice.  


Skip the trial & error and let us give you the

MSP Cheat Code! 

Nick Points Roadshow.jpg

Turn Prospects into Appointments without making hundreds of Cold Calls each day. Learn how to close the deal the day you present. 

Director of Marketing, CharTec and ARRC Technology


Director of Operations, CharTec

Dan Martin.jpg

Can you measure the productivity of your team members? Do you have standard processes? Can you grow and scale your business when and how you want? Do you have a business plan in place that shows you how to improve your productivity, daily processes, and structure?

Sales Coach, CharTec

C.E.O., Co-Founder, CORETech

Growing an MSP from a break-fix model doesn't have to be so hard. Let me show you the way. 

You didn’t start a business because you love Marketing. Let the experts in the MSP space do the work for you. 

Brandi Rogers Roadshow.jpg


Register Today to ensure your seat! We only allow 3 MSPs from each state to attend. Chances are, if you don’t Register your competitors will!

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What To Expect




CharTec’s intensive training addresses everything you need to know about growing your business, increasing sales, generating leads, streamlining operations, accounting tips, and much more! Our MSP training facility is the largest in the nation and we have been doing this since 2013. We have proudly trained some of the largest names in the channel. Get the knowledge from the pioneers in the industry by attending our Academy.  



Yes, we don't have huge parties where you walk miles to get a drink, or watch an unmemorable show. Or, sit next to someone you don't know just to walk away without ever knowing them.

At CharTec, we do enjoy having fun at the end of the day. We have fun by breaking bread, having meaningful business minded conversations and we have some really great laughs as well. If it's a huge party you want without any real meaning behind it, Academy is not for you. 

Vendor Lobby


Our ‘After Hours Happy Hour’ will give you the chance to mingle with our Staff, Vendors, and other MSP Owners like yourself. Learn from other businesses while you enjoy a cold drink, some food, and some fun entertainment. You will never feel like you are one in a thousand. Here, you will always feel like number one. 


If you had the keys to a multi-million dollar IT castle for a day, what would you do? Who would you meet with?

What departments would you want to see in action? CharTec Keys to the Castle is an open invitation to look behind the curtain and talk to anyone about anything. Really – our house is your house! Take all that you learned during Academy and ask the experts how we implement, hire, source, measure and execute all the “things to run a successful MSP”.

Keys To The Castle

While You’re Here

You’ve got the key – how will you use it?

Unlock Your Potential with CharTec Academy:
Our Attendees' Stories

Having Training Academies since 2013, there are too many testimonials to post. Here are some recent highlights.